Homeland Exploration Toursis an outstanding tour company combining the best service with the most customized & tailor-made tour packages designed according to our client’s needs i.e. budget oriented or higher end, natural or cultural focus, etc.
Homeland Exploration Tours have several years of experience working with: individual tourists, group of tourists, journalists, travel photographers, documentary film makers, university researchers, domestic and international organizations, embassies and diplomats, students, Pan Africanist, religious groups etc.
We organize special package tours & tailored made tours to: Ghana, Togo, Benin, Kenya, South Africa, Dubai, Turkey, Ethiopia, and any other destinations that we serve with credible travel and tourism counterparts.


Homeland Exploration Tours obeys all and any international and local norms. In this manner, we provide maximum safety and comfort to our clients.
You will not be traveling to destinations of your choice with us, but you will also experience the deep & varied lifestyles of people with our friendly and well trained staff. We are highly rated by our client’s and all other tourism organizations Homeland Exploration Tours is a member and affiliated.